Much ado about Mountings

A dull, keep-alive post I’m afraid…

The past couple of weeks has seen me close in on zero know bugs… But rats, I got stymied by the third from last!

The innocuously titled bug ‘Vessel mounts no longer orient correctly.’ has uncorked a Klein bottle full of hell, and no mistake. So far I’ve poured a week of effort down a sink hole with nothing to show for it but more problems. Somehow, the weapon mounts got busted up by some change somewhere (I call these Over-the-Rainbow problems!) and resolving it is proving to be a major issue, impacting the model exporters, bone systems, scene graph, scene node modifiers and the weapon mount code itself. And all because a certain 3DCG tool thinks ‘z is up’ is a great way to model stuff 🙁

But, moving on, rehashing the great Intel HD5000 fiasco… I decided to take Intel’s advice and contact Apple, despite it being Intel’s fault. Apple kindly phoned me (great customer service by the way) and were sympathetic, but informed me there is an advisory on my model of Mac Air(2013) to offer a replacement logic board, free of charge, and perhaps this may resolve the issue… Now that is awesome, and it would be remiss to say no, so I said yes please 🙂

I have no delusion that this will fix the issue – Googlage shows me it seems to be due to be a faulty SSD batch, which is odd as the repair guy claimed it is a separate module, and not surface mounted to the logic board, but time will tell. I challenged Apple on why it wasn’t a recall, but it seems they are only offering the replacement if a customer complains. So, Mac Air 2013 owners, be advised 😉

Anyway, I am now dev-environment-less on my commute 🙁 so on a forced break from the ‘mounting’ monotony (haha!)

Fortunately, the convenience of iPad means I can catch up on Book Two – so silver lining and all that!


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