Intel Graphics Driver Rant Part whatever, I forget, there have been so many…

After the 34th Windows 10 graphics driver crash today (alas, I kid you not) I decided to ‘hope’ and check the Intel website for any possible sign of a fixed Intel HD 5000 Graphics Driver.

I was not disappointed. In fact, I was quite amazed to find that Intel are now releasing graphics drivers from the future!

It amazes me how a big blue chip corporate company can be – largely – demonstrating the finesse, caring and customer oriented culture of a group of crazed psychopaths wielding AK-47’s during a riot.

Ok, so that’s maybe a tad over the top… but when you’ve just had Visual Studio freeze 3 times in a row due to the graphics driver crashing and then finally having it blocked from accessing the graphics card for the nth time in one day, you get a little tired of their uncaring lack of professionalism.

Perhaps I should be grateful, at least the crash prompt no longer thinks it’s the Windows 8(R) driver, which is something. I guess.

But the mystery continues… the ‘latest’ drivers (from the future, apparently) have a driver version of

Strange then that the one I have installed is Even ignoring the fact the major version I have is 5 versions ahead of the ‘future’ version, the build (4331 – the last 4 digits as I’m led to believe) is 31 builds ahead of the ‘future’ version.

I’m glad to see they haven’t introduced any discrepancies in their driver versioning. After all, that would be really painful for consumers to get to grips with.

How the heck can I get this graphics chip out of this laptop and replace it with an AMD/nVidia chipset 🙁 Ah… I can’t.



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4 Comments on "Intel Graphics Driver Rant Part whatever, I forget, there have been so many…"

  1. Mak March 13, 2016 at 8:44 pm -

    PS. Purely for a laugh I decided to download the driver from the future and try installing it. Imagine my surprise when it told me ‘the driver you have installed is newer than the version you are attempting to install, do you want to continue?’

  2. Andrew Copland March 15, 2016 at 12:00 pm -

    The Intel GPU drivers are a shocking joke, if we have a rendering, texture or startup problem reported one Windows then it’s 99% certain it’ll be an Intel issue.

    They don’t even keep them up to date across platforms for OpenGL so Windows/OSX/Linux drivers for the same chipsets all support different versions and features of OpenGL.

    That’s when the features that they claim to support actually work at all.

  3. Mak March 15, 2016 at 8:01 pm -

    Now more depressed – cheers Andrew! 😀 joking of course!

    I may put a disclaimer on Dom if it ever gets released… ‘Intel Graphics Chipsets not supported’…

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