When Stars Fall

A trilogy detailing the monumental threat posed by an outside and unknown force, which will ultimately reveal the awful truth behind the existence of every species that inhabits the Dominium Cluster.

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Insurmountable Odds
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Book One – Insurmountable Odds

The Sulranian Empire – spanning 30,000 star systems – suddenly finds itself facing an enemy whose numbers defy all odds. If war breaks out, the Empire is already doomed…

Book Two (WIP) – House of Thoraz (Working Title)

Picking up the pieces from the attack on Canthe, the Empire finds that the enemy is vulnerable after all – but the enemy is already one step ahead, and the results are going to be catastrophic…

Book Three (WIP) – The Mad God

After the calamities wrought by the enemy, the Empire has only one choice – evacuate and save whatever it can. Meanwhile Nelsen is determined to uncover the truth that lies behind the unseen enemy’s ultimate goal…

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