What platforms will it be on?

We’re aiming to launch on PC. Stretch funding will allow for Mac OSX, iOS, and Linux (Ubuntu and as many variants as we can cater for), followed by certain Android devices (we’d happily drop against OUYA for example). Consoles are out purely because of dev-license costs for hardware. But technically we could port to X360(or 720), PS3 (or 4) or PSP-Vita, Wii… the future is open from our point of view.

Can I mod stuff?

Definitely yes! Modders are responsible for some of the best looking content on the internet! We want to incorporate mod’s into the official Dominium game universe – although policing that content can be a minefield – copyright and litigation issues, profane/offensive content, quality issues, etc. See our Modding section!

Can I create my own character?

Yes! You are your own character! We wouldn’t want it any other way. Dominium is all about diversity and freedom – so we don’t want to lock you into a role, story, character or anything else if we can avoid it. You get to choose your own character – race, home-world, name, gender, even description if you choose! All of the principal characters in the game story are there to provide a credible explanation about the games capabilities, and to control the evolution of the game itself as it evolves for each episode.

Is this multiplayer or not?

Even though Dominium won’t launch as an MMO – our aim is to get there over time as soon as viable. The initial release will be a Single Player offline experience, which we intend to let you choose to “upgrade” to MMO when/if it becomes possible, that’s why we’re striving to make the game universe a consistent experience even when offline, and pre-seed some important things to allow it to grow without introducing continuity problems.

When MMO – will it be a subscription based game?

Most likely there will be a subscription model – but other models as well.

Right now we want to be as flexible as possible and provide multiple ways to bring in revenue… but then that means a lot of balancing of the various models to make sure each is fair to all.

If one model proves more robust or popular, then we may well just land on one. The most favoured one with us atm is “Pay for what you want” – which may mean entering a previously unvisited system you are offered the chance to purchase/download some its content (for a small charge) or opt out and keep “stock” content instead for free.

There are lots of options – we’re bouncing them around all the time so any feedback on fair models is always appreciated.

Subscriptions may be a “perk” to dedicated players who do play month to month – they may get special subscriber bonuses or updates. But we’re also really keen on people who want to just “drop in” for a blast every now and then as time permits without signing up!

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