The Dominium Universe


Dominium is a globular cluster of around 200,000 stars, in relatively close proximity to a familiar spiral arm galaxy. Within the Cluster, there are over 1,200 species and civilisations all contending for their own “spot” within Dominium.

Predominantly – the Sulranian Empire has grown peacefully over several millenia, and now occupies about one third of the total volume of the cluster. Within the Empire, wars rarely break out – but aren’t unknown. Feuds and rivalries are common, but in general there is peace within the Empire.

Outside, is a different matter.

War, strife, piracy, conflict – even peace! – can and will rule the stars outside the Empires border. Little is known of the rest of the Dominium Cluster, with contact missions only reaching so far away from the borders, and Naval Intelligence only looking for “potential trouble spots”. Some commercial agencies and even civilians have ventured out to explore – very few ever come back – those that do have tales to tell of course, but from one particular quadrant many do not return, and this volume has become known as “The Dark Zone”.

All kinds of worlds, species and civilisations exist within Dominium – diversity is king. You can travel from high-tech locations such as Aris Prime – capital world of the Empire, to agricultural worlds such as Taria where the pace of life is much slower, and out further still to crime-infested danger-spots like Rank, just outside the Empire.

In Dominium – there is room for everyone, and everything. The problem so far has been in convincing the inhabitants…

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