Cargo Collected!

Just a mini-update to round out the month – I’ve been chasing down infrastructure changes and necessary tweaks to support the grandiose cargo collection job, and finally it’s all paid off.

Via a config file, I can now generate any number of ‘go collect’ jobs around the Cluster, select one, accept it and then go off and collect it, returning to the drop-off point. I can finally ‘play’ some gameplay 🙂

The next step is to get the receiving vessel (in this case) to collect it once I deliver it nearby, then the job is done. Literally.

As dull as this job may sound, it’s helped me establish a number of crucial systems and event wire-ups which were already supported, and just need to be connected up, proving – so far – that the scheme for structuring a job/mission from an external file is worthy for the time being.

Then I may add in some spice, such as spawning a number of foes at the cargo pod location who want to get it before you do, and won’t be best pleased if you get to it first…


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