Back Story

Dominium is a slightly unusual galaxy.

It’s unusual in that almost all of the civilised species in Dominium have attained space-travel more or less within millennia of each other, some by trade relationships – others by “coincidence”.

The Sulranian Empire is deemed the power to be reckoned with by all other civilisations that are aware of it – fortunately the Empire is entirely benign and will emphatically remain so.

Peace has reigned for centuries, with numerous trade alliances between civilisations forming an unofficial super-power referred to as the Pax, backed by the various governments behind the alliances. Short wars have taken place, but typically have de-escalated very quickly into on-going diplomatic efforts. Whilst a few species rivalries exist, most are tolerated and peaceful within the Empire.

Over the centuries, communication has been lost with a number of far-flung civilisations, and to date all ships or probes sent to investigate have failed to report in, or return. One third of the entire eastern hemisphere of the Cluster is effectively “lost”, referred to as the “The Dark Zone” – and no sane pilot will venture near it.


The Plot

For now, the Dark Zone in the east (ah, classic!) of Dominium is a secret, to be revealed in a subsequent release.

Initially, the player will experience Dominium in a time of peace, but – as a threat to the Empire rises from within, there is a growing sense of fear and paranoia. Piracy becomes rife – and fear spreads like wildfire until an interstellar war threatens the very stability the Empire has long sought to achieve.

Imperial border-worlds constantly fall in and out of favour – being new to the Empire they still have volatile factions who resent their membership and the control the Empire has over their home-worlds which give rise to some rebellious elements (inc. piracy), but largely they are peaceful and willing members. Homestead worlds within the Empire have known peace for centuries – often millennia. However, although the Empire is peaceful and benign, it does wield an iron-fist in a velvet glove. The Imperial Navy is more than adequate to sterilise and destroy entire planets if so inclined, and is used to enforce law and order during times of peace. With the resources of the entire Empire at its disposal, it has become a formidable right-arm to the Emperor himself.

Most Naval operations to date involve pacifying volatiles, and patrolling the vast volume of space that forms the Empire. The Navy itself is split into three prominent bodies.


for times of aggression – largely this force is an attachment to Defence, or permanently “in training”. However it has the most aggressive firepower available to the Empire’s technology, having derived from all the member civilisations which have shared their own technologies. Its primary drive at this time is to identify and prepare for the potential threats to the Empire and it’s allies.


for urban enforcement, although more than capable of holding its own any fire-fight, largely this entity is diplomatic. More often than not it is only ever used as a police force, suppressing piracy and anarchy within the Empire. It has only been used for Urban Pacification once, and the Empire has sworn to never let this happen again. Its primary task is the suppression of Piracy and insurrection.


a special task force used as a diplomatic tool when impeaching external non-imperial worlds to join the Empire. If the potential member has troubles of its own, Outreach draws on Tactical/Defence as needed to resolve their problems – be it a piracy issue, or unresolvable internal diplomatic situation.



Within each body are numerous sub-bodies, although one entity is intricately spliced between all three – Imperial Naval Intelligence. Securing a position in the INI is the ultimate goal of many members of the Empire. The privileges are immense, and the scope for operations unlimited – but the risks are vast.


The Pax Trading Association

The Pax has formed over five centuries, ever since the Empire itself stabilised into the benign entity it is today. Formed from the Trade Association of every member world, its power within the Empire is vast. Every world government has members within the Pax, and as such its initial “Trade” oriented policies have long since become those of interested governing parties. It is the unofficial Senate within the Empire, steering policies and the balance of power at the highest levels. This was recognised early on by the Empire, and measures were put in place to ensure the on-going peaceful and benign nature of the Pax. Although the Pax has the power to control the flow of resources throughout the Empire, the Emperor has the legitimate right to tell the Pax what to do without question, at any time and on any subject. In effect, it has become a highly efficient distributed form of power unrivalled anywhere in Dominium. If the Emperor were such to ban the shipment of water on Imperial Worlds, it would be enforced across the entire Empire within hours.

Communication is a vital aspect to such control of power, and the dominance of the Empire would have been impossible without the qNet. A communication technology based on quantum-spin, it provides secure, instantaneous communication across any distance. Hence, any Imperial Order can be received instantaneously across the Empire. Bandwidth is only limited by the volume of matter used to form the “spinners” within the communication equipment.

Three other technologies allow the Empire to remain fast and firm. Gates, g-drives, and the qNet itself, all allowing rapid, or instantaneous response and action across the vastness of the entire Empire. These three technologies evolved over time, beginning with the g-drive (which established the original Empire) and allowing it to maintain its power and cohesion over the centuries – enabling it to grow without limits. Only its internal infrastructure restricts its growth, and that is appeased by the existence of the Pax itself.

Systems in the Eastern hemisphere have long become acquainted with the Empire, and its goals – and many petition to become active members, however any governmental structure can be slow to respond, and negotiations and diplomacy take time – and each species has its own unique problem-set, or requirements to be handled as tactfully as possible. To date, no system outside a close proximity to the Empires boundary has ever become a member.

Due to the rising piracy – tension is rising within the Empire, the Pax is under pressure to keep things running smoothly, whilst having to contend with an ever growing influx of refugees claiming sanctuary as well as ensure the economy runs smoothly and trade remains unaffected. The Navy are on constant alert, and Intelligence will always pay well for reliable and solid information.

Piracy and crime are rife on the fringes – as less desirable elements take advantage of the growing chaos and fear, exploiting refugees – even ransacking far-flung abandoned systems. There is much wealth to be had for the strong and swift.

There has never been a better time – or opportunity – to become a pilot in the realm of Dominium, whatever your “speciality” may be…

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