We want you  to be a part of making Dominium great!

We’re all up for modders! We’ll give you the same tools we’ll be using, and even the models we’ll be building so you can tweak and customise your own special editions.

You can build your own universe for you to own privately or share with your friends, even build your own Dominium Modding Community – or – upload your creations and mod’s to us, and provided they pass muster – we’ll integrate them into the Dominium universe for all to see!

What are we looking for?

Initially – we want to allow you to mod the following ;

  • 2D model textures
  • 2D artwork for emblems, logos, icons
  • 3D Models for vessels, stations, weapons and ordnance – with LOD’s, markup as appropriate
  • Planetary height maps / texture maps

Down the road (in subsequent releases) ;

  • Texturing and modelling of anatomy for each species, with rigging and animation
  • 3D Level Authoring – for areas on planets/asteroids/space stations/vessels which the player can walk about FPS style.
  • Refined planetary mapping to allow players to land on the surface – so city maps / flora maps
  • Buildings and bases to fly around on planet surfaces, possibly even with interiors to explore.

Now don’t get us wrong – we’re not asking you to do all our work for us! We’ll be doing this anyway – but the more people get involved, the bigger the game becomes, the more varied and richer the universe, the better it is for everyone to experience!

The greatest challenge…

Make no mistake, we know we’re partially insane to consider such a venture.

There are roughly 1,200 civilisations or species in Dominium, if you said each has 12 ship types, with variants – let’s say 3 for each, all with their own textures, mark-up, destructible bits, weapons – that’s 72,000 unique(ish) ships.

But, we’re not after 72,000 ships for launch – we’re after as many as we can get above zero! Our goal is to reach about 100, if we can do that, we think we’ve got a good starter set to provide enough variety across the game.

But we’ll be looking for 72,000 somewhere down the road!

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