Insurmountable Odds (Book One of When Stars Fall)

The Sulranian Empire – spanning 30,000 star systems – suddenly finds itself facing an unknown enemy whose numbers defy all odds. If war breaks out, the Empire is already doomed…

Insurmountable Odds - Cover  

When the highly advanced Sulranian Empire encounters an implacable foe, whose numbers defy all odds and destroy worlds without pause, Nelsen Rybek finds himself an unwitting companion to Andreya, a woman with no idea who she is.

One thing is clear – there is more going on than even the mighty Imperium itself is aware of. As systems begin to fall beneath the onslaught, the Empire must come to terms with the fact that the war is lost before it has even begun. Only Andreya may be able to help, the only problem is she doesn’t know how…

Insurmountable Odds is part one of the trilogy, When Stars Fall – an epic saga set in the Dominium computer game universe – and is the culmination of a 20,000 year long backstory that will change the nature and shape of the Dominium Globular Cluster forever.They have no idea what’s coming…

Feel free to read the first three chapters here!

Rave Reviews!

“… I think this first contribution from Saunders is I really brave stab at some new and creative content. It certainly has several homages and extensions to Simmons work; after the first few chapters taking flight and holding its own. … There is also alot of fan service – huge explosions, super hard scifi!”
Alex Jones – Five Star Google Play Review

“First class SF! Seriously good read, if you miss the work of Iain M Banks and like Peter F Hamilton you will love this. It really does fill the void left by the sad passing of Iain M Banks. Well written, great characters, depth and width and un-putdownable. Read it!!”
–  Dave Norman – Five Star Amazon Review

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