Salvage, and exploration…

In the last gameplay blog we talked about asteroid mining, and lasers, and all that other business around mining standard resources.

Because we’ve got such a cool system that allows you to cut precisely through rock, there are additional uses for it.

You may recall Mak’s post about being able to shear ships into tiny pieces, along with an early prototype showing ships into tiny bits ;

A powerful shearing laser means we can enact proper salvage operations. Space Hulks, abandoned Space Stations, decommissioned Dockyards, are all going to require precise lasering to break them apart into manageable chunks.


Certain metals will need to be carefully cut away to extract the most usable resource of them. Precise use of your cutting lasers will, of course, be required.

There’s more though. If you happen upon a giant, abandoned structure of unknown origin – there may be far more there than just metals hidden away…

Equipping a small ship with a quality cutting laser will allow you to cut through these large structures – and fly inside them. Suddenly after being free in the expanses of space you’re in the confines of an unknown structure. Careful use of thrusters is needed, and stay away from the FTL drive!

It’s pretty much like diving down to a sunken galleon to search for treasure. And everyone loves treasure!
There may be some ancient automated defence systems scattered here and there, you can deal with those though right?

So while the biggest, best equipped mining and salvage ships will have a variety of lasers and cutting tools at their disposal – owning a smaller ship is going to allow you to explore deep into areas you’d never have thought possible before in a freeform space game.

We’re really excited about this feature. It’s an idea unique to Dominion and it fits the ideals and vision of being able to explore the universe fully. We’re sticking by our belief that most games and their “exploration” elements aren’t truly considered or designed, and are left to as an afterthought along the lines of “fly to a planet and look at it”, take a photo if you’re lucky…

That’s not what real explorers do. And we want to give you the content to allow you to become real explorers.

As an aside, mobile and touch versions will make this cutting even more interactive. Drawing your finger across the screen you’ll literally be cutting through space hulks and carving up asteroids.

Fun times…and it doesn’t end there. The next blog will talk about another use for our shearing tech. Watch this space!



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