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When we were looking at what we really like in any videogame, it’s always that narrative that you create yourself, just by playing the game.

I’ve watched so many GTA cutscenes that I immediately forgot that I sometimes wonder what the point of them is… yet I’ll never forget the time I led the police on a merry chase across the countryside, derailing a train and bailing from the tumbling burning wreckage, fleeing on foot to an oil refinery where I found a vehicle – driving lost and aimlessly through the desert, to happen upon a crop dusting plane and almost making it home before I crashed the darn thing into a hill…

It’s those moments that stand out and those moments that make the game. It’s your own narrative, and it’s your own story. Awesome moments sewn together that pull you into the game world.

We want to capture that and capture those stories. Whether you’ve just taken down your first pirate, or committed your first act of piracy, or found your first Nebula…we want you to remember those moments. We’ve got our Camera and Photography option that we’ve already talked about and that’s a part of it.

Yet what if you’ve sent down an away team to a dusty rock planet to mine out some Ore and it ended in disaster? You’ve lost crewman George who was the best technician you had on your boat. Perhaps you should have thought twice about sending geeks to dig up some rock?!

Either way you’ve got a story to tell. It’s your story, and as Captain you can tell it how you want. It could be a confessional “I shouldn’t have asked them to dig deeper…” or your own spin on proceedings “They were foolhardy and it costs a good man his life. I may have to look for new crew at the next space port…”

Whatever your story we want you to tell it. To us, to your friends, and most importantly for yourself. Which is why the Captain’s Log is the perfect way to capture those moments.

How does the Captain’s Log work? At any point you can input a log entry. It could be about anything at all. Maybe you’ve just taken a pretty picture of a gas giant, or a nebula. Perhaps you’re nervous about the upcoming battle you’ve signed up for. Or you’re excited about your new ship, or space station you’ve just bought.

You bring up the Log entry window and type in your log. It will be linked to a date, and a location. If you want to link a picture to it, do that too.

That’s not all though – what if you could switch on your webcam and include a video log! We’re intending to integrate with YouTube so they will serve as a reminder of your adventures, and you’ll be able to share them with your friends too.

Your Captain’s Log will stay as a permanent reminder of what happened, when, and how you reacted. We want you to remember those awesome moments and cringe at those not so awesome disasters!

That’s our Log feature, for the next design blog I’ll be talking about how this links right into another feature which ties together the Photos the Captain’s Log right together.


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