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Coming right on the heels of Mak’s High Resolution Worlds I’m going to take the opportunity to talk to you about one of the coolest things you can bolt onto your vessel. The all purpose, auto-focusing, water resistant digital camera attachment! Available from all good stockists, it allows you to snap up pictures wherever and whenever you want.

Equipping a camera to your ship is much more than just a screenshot feature. Because you’ll want to track your journey around the cosmos, and you can take on photo jobs!

You may well think “Stealth” or “Recon”. While those are all possible, the camera is really fun for our Explorers.

Certain individuals and companies will offer up jobs to photograph everything from a Nebula, to an Asteroid Belt, or even a space station wayyyyy out where. Sound easy? What if its a Pirate Station though? Try a quick fly-by and ready the camera! Just be ready to take evasive action if they lock missiles onto you!

As well as a standard camera, there’s an advanced version that will take pictures during battle! This camera will lock onto the enemy ships and take a several pictures. Including as you destroy them. It could also help you identify if a particular faction is after you, and if you had to run from them perhaps you could plot your revenge…

As well as keeping a track of your adventures, photos can be sent to in game friends – and you can also “tag” them. This means you can sort and search through them yourself, and also add a location tag. So if you’ve found something cool you think your friend should check out, send them a photograph with a location tag, and they can add that as a waypoint to their map.

We’ve also got something else pretty cool planned for your photographs, something we can’t reveal quite yet. It’s pretty unique for videogames and once we’ve confirmed it’s inclusion (it requires some consultation with other companies…) we’ll let you know.

That’s a brief run-down of our Camera feature, and it’s going to lead into the next gameplay blog – which will feature even more uses for your photographs!


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