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By Mak, October 27, 2013 0

One of the many very large stations in Dominum, this one being a hub for trading in mined/harvested resources.

Exploring Procedurally Generated Levels

By Mak, June 21, 2013 1 Design, Dev, General, Media, News

I’ve made some headway with the pseudo-random level generation – although it’s all rough and ready, the basic principals for the draft “get something going” version are sound and up and running. The basic premise is to take a ship… Read More »

By Mak, March 23, 2013 0 , ,

Whilst ramping up the visuals with normal-mapping et al, and creating an uber-shader to do most of the pixel-pushing, I decided I had to buy some authored high-res looking models to testdrive the new toys… here are the results!

By Mak, January 31, 2013 1 Dev

So – we’ve banged on about “no hyperspace, seamless this-that-and-the-other” – what do we mean? Traditionally – games have to shift in huge amounts of data (levels, textures etc.) in order to provide a larger game experience than will necessarily… Read More »

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