Game of Progress

Some good progress this past few weeks…

Gameplay: The ‘Pirates’ game scenario is proving invaluable for ironing out kinks in the Pilot AI, and also highlighting UI concerns which will need addressing (such as the scanner depiction of how near a contact is, is not really all that good in practice).

Collision: Now I’ve removed the wrinkles that had crept in during dev, I have revisited the model markup system and simplified things a little. I’ve also ironed out yet another annoying bug in the model DCG tool which was doubling the size of shield markup volumes.

From both the above, I’m building even more tasks/chores to do 😐 which all need addressing somewhen.

I’ve also now got 3 (yes, 3! count ’em!) video logs to post up, two need a final edit/pass, and the third needs voice over doing. Hopefully, maybe, I’ll get some time to sort them this Bank Holiday Easter weekend…


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