Scanner Pip…

Hi folks, my apologies for the lack of updates – it’s been all quiet on the site but all go in development so far this month, both in Work Life and Real Life, so I’ve had little time to maintain the blog. In brief…

  • Boids are now happily slogging it out against each other (though plenty of work yet to be done)
  • Dev effort returns to Weapons, bringing plasma, missile and beam weapons back into the fore for the Boid/Pilots to choose from when attacking
  • This led to revisiting collision detection, which needs a drastic overhaul
  • Which led to discovering a long-standing ‘problem’ with 666’s model format re-surfacing to bite my ass!

So, I’ve been working toward resolving the above to get back toward the Boids weapon logic again.

Hopefully I’ll have some shininess to show soon…


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