The Depressing Truth…

This past month I’ve been running an Amazon Marketing Services ad campaign across Kindle for Insurmountable Odds, and boy, it’s a tough reach…

  • 324,322 impressions
  • 363 clicks = 0.11% ‘interest’ conversion
  • 1 sale = 0.0003% impression conversion, and 0.27% interest to sale conversion
  • Total Spend: $157.60 (which is not all that bad for an ad campaign tbh, that’s $0.43 per click on average, and almost nothing per impression)
  • $157.60 spent to earn roughty $0.40 in sales royalties.
  • Ouch.

Typical conversion expectations for most marketing strategies is (apparently) 2%, so I should have got somewhere around 6,486 sales (I wish!)

So either Insurmountable Odds sucks, despite all the positive feedback I’ve had so far, or my ad sucks… so, hoping it’s the latter rather than the former(!) I’m re-running the campaign over March with reworded copy to see if I can spin this around.


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