The Great Journey – Part Three

12,000 SIS

A tenfold increase in the original 1,200. Some way off the intended 100,000 but all the more remarakable for being possible in the first place!

The most recent journeys have led to the following changes;

  • Sortable Trade Prices – now you can spot those high profit items with the click of a column header
  • Hiding the lurid range markers when needed
  • Improving the galaxy map filtering (i.e. fixing some bugs)
  • Applying cargo space limits of current vessel (before you could just buy an infinite amount of cargo)
  • Minor UX change – click and hold to keep buying/selling an item
  • Moved cargo manifest to the vessel (was the player – this is support for owning multiple vessels in the future)

The latest work being undertaken is to do with navigation. While the (WIP) Map system is great and all, repeatedly going in to set course is… well, repetitive. So I’ve brought forward the ‘Favourites’ system.

With this, you can add a custom waypoint to any ‘static’ object, and then set course back to it from anywhere in the Cluster. So for my chosen trade run, I could just set the two stations as Favourites, and then quickly set course between the two for each run.

98,000 SIS to go!


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2 Comments on "The Great Journey – Part Three"

  1. Cornflakes_91 November 14, 2016 at 6:50 pm -

    maybe add player owned ships to the objects that can be added to the favourites?

    Being to call up “my carrier” is a nice thing and shouldnt depend on where the carrier is.

  2. Mak November 14, 2016 at 7:18 pm -

    No problem 🙂 All ‘substantial’ game entities qualify – so it’ll just be down to me getting to allowing it from the UI. You should even be able to tag your favourite docking bay!

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