The Great Journey Begins


Yes, you read right. Finally.

I am turning my efforts to gameplay. This series of blog posts (and hopefully video blog posts!) probably won’t particularly read gameplay-ish, but trust me it is.

I have chosen a task to complete within Dominium itself, the game universe. An epic task, a monumental chore of gargantuan proportion.

I must trade my way around several systems, and turn 1,200 SIS (Sulranian Imperial Sovereign) into 100,000 or more.

Ok, not so big – I grant you 🙂 But, given the state Dom is in – purdy darned huge 😀

No combat, though there are NPC’s, and I can ‘kill’ them with a single shot atm – but they don’t fight back. The aim of this epic quest is simple, to iron out kinks with the initial UI, trading, cargo/inventory, flight mechanics, navigation, autopilot, map and control systems.

In other words, pretty much the entire game core.

The raw materials are all in place, and now I have to ‘test drive’ them to see if they stay together for an epic win, or fall apart in an epic fail! I know there will be catastrophic ‘blockers’ en route, so this is a ‘warts-et-al’ blog 🙂 Don’t be disheartened if the video suddenly disappears, it was probably just a crash 😉

My journey begins at Star-7786, Planetoid-53095, GStation-1, with my purchasing 1,183 SIS worth of ‘Commodity-05’ – yes, exciting names!


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