A little structure…

A recent issue has caused me to establish a full map of the game object hierarchy.

Warning: This is entirely techy-dev-mind-numbing-to-non-dev stuff!

However, the non-dev can take a quick peek and go ‘cor, lots of stuff going on there’… even though Dom is barely even reaching ‘a game’ status… there are a lot of game objects going on here… I was intending to do a nice ‘reveal video’ of the entire map unfolding, but I’ve not got any software that can capture the necessary 4K video resolution to see the whole thing!

I’ve only drilled down through the actual in-game objects, and not the internal 666 game engine objects themselves, which would make it an overwhelmingly complex diagram and take far too long to be useful. Where I’ve reference something once that is repeated elsewhere, I only drill down into that object once in the first instance.

Anyway, feel free to nose around. Of course, this map ‘ain’t final’… and already I can see lots of potential restructuring/refactoring improvements begging to be done… so it’s proven a boon from the off! Here’s a handy PDF to take explore if you wish (as the resolution of the image below is too weeny!)

The most complex areas are the GUI (lots of GUI bits and bobs, a lot of DEV GUI just for little ol’ moi) and naturally the Vessel object, which is basically where it’s all at for the player. All the guns, whistles, shields and toys 🙂



I used FreeMind btw – awesome, easy to use, and free.


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