Progress Update: Gamey-ness…

Ok, you’re not going to like this – but for all good reasons 🙂

This past week or more I’ve ploughed headlong into my ‘niggles’ list. What is this list you ask? Well, basically bugs that I’m too lazy(don’t have time for) to capture in Redmine, and aren’t really ‘mega-issues’ that impede development or so on.

However, knocking these on the head has had a profound effect on Dom – though largely all eye-candy / visual improvements, some behaviour and scene context alterations (yay, gameplay!) along with a lot of tweaks to the flight control logic.

The result is… it’s feeling really nice to play at the moment! Albeit with naff all gameplay, but now at the default system, I drop into local space with 3 to 5 other NPC vessels, who may dock/undock, or fly about., exit or enter the system and so on, and generally look ‘nice’ instead of flying sideways due to incorrect orientation alignment and other oddness.

And further more – and this has amazed even my good self – the collision logic still works! Despite being written over two years ago!

I can actually pummel NPC vessels to death with pulse cannon!

So why won’t you like this stupendous, almost milestone event news?

Well – no video 🙁 and no playable to get your hands on 🙁

But, there is life… it feels ‘gamey’… like you can do stuff at long last… without it blowing up code-wise.

I have to say, chasing down an NPC with non-newtonian flight and abrading it’s shields to death with beam weapons is… fun 🙂 even in it’s present incomplete, untuned, ropey state…

If I can set myself to the task, I’m intending to do a ‘game-less’ test application that will install and fire up the 666 game engine, just to check for compatibility… then, perhaps… if there aren’t too many issues… I may crack out a ‘it ain’t playable but here’s a quick prototype thingy’ for you to have a go at… of course… it’ll mean whittling down my 1.7Gb of placeholder assets into something a lot smaller first… I doubt anyone will want to download a 2Gb installer for a demo that leaves one saying ‘Oh, is this it?!‘ 🙂


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