Stuck down by Eye Candy…

Arg. So I decided to derail myself slightly (as usual) and do some polish to the Screen Space Effects system which works in conjunction with the freshly integrated Engine Flares, and found that they were – upon occasion – turning purple… purple (or cerise – 255, 0, 255) is my favourite development placeholder colour. Chosen as few people in their right mind would ship something strobing away in cerise.

But, no sign of it in use in this part of the render pipeline… after days of chasing it down, disabling this, removing that, altering this material, changing that texture… I found it’s actually something to do with using multiple texture mapping units for some of my shaders (namely, the PBR one). I’ve got some underlying internal issue within the GFX (Graphics) API that’s barfing up oddball colours. Weirder still, it’s not actually texturing the geometry with that TMU… it’s just changing the geometry colour… Bear in mind my code is now so old it still has a lot of fixed function pipeline rendering in, but to date I’ve made it all play nice with GLSL.

To date.

So, now I’ve ‘fixed’ that… and I return to Dom to find fonts rendering as white squares, and the power & shield gauges as white triangles 🙁

Sigh. Always something to do…


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