More Bug Zapping

Development wise? Nothing new.

Bug wise – there are far fewer than the last post 🙂

I think at the close of the last blog post – there were 35 open bugs, at the time of writing this one – there are 19.

Why so few in total? Well, I’m that good 😀 LOL. No, seriously, there has been nothing really to ‘test’ yet. Though also, generally, I hammer the living daylights out of any feature as I develop it, and only close it off once it’s well and truly done. Most of the bugs I get are due to changing a related system much later and introducing bugs with another feature… the Scene Management system being a prime example!

Anyhow – Dom is back to being able to fly around the galaxy at will and page stuff in/out as you fly through scenes, and it’s feeling a bit more ‘robust’ again, which is a nice feeling. I’m now concentrating on bugs which have surfaced with the UI/HUD system. Redmine is now solidly part of the dev process and proving it’s worth – provided I don’t forget to transfer the online version to my offline instance and vice versa that is!


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