Insurmountable Odds – Published!

Momentous day!

After a long haul, I can finally ship this out into the world and cross my fingers that a) people enjoy it and b) it helps raise some funds for Dominium!

Insurmountable Odds

The book is now available to buy on Google Play and Amazon Kindle, for a mere £2.99 GBP or $3.99 USD!

Sadly, there is no iBooks version yet for iTunes – due to the need for an EIN/SSN to satisfy the USA IRS requirements. Getting one of those is not trivial, and I’ll only tackle it again if demand proves worth while. And I hope it will!

I’ve added more related content to the site (checkout the ‘Books’ menu above, or visit here), and I’ll be fleshing it out even more as time goes on.

For now, you can find out more about the book by visiting the Insurmountable Odds page – enjoy!


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6 Comments on "Insurmountable Odds – Published!"

  1. Cornflakes_91 October 5, 2015 at 12:23 am -

    Now i only have to find a way to read the books in calibre or on my kobo :V

    As my smartphone is not my book reading device of choice

  2. Mak October 5, 2015 at 7:27 pm -

    Hmm, I hadn’t even considered Kobo – I’ll take a look so cheers for pointing that one out 🙂 As for Calibre, I used that to produce the ePub – does it handle purchase/delivery copies? I’ll gladly consider anything that can help spread the word and maybe earn a few shekels…

  3. Cos October 5, 2015 at 10:25 pm -

    I just finished the book and I have to say it’s absolutely fantastic ! For the past few years I read a rather large number of popular scifi books but this one right here is simply better than most of them.
    In terms of technology, action, plot twists, it really delivers, that’s my honest opinion. Apart from my all time favorite series, which will probably always remain number 1 for me, the Commonwealth and Void trilogy by Peter Hamilton, your book comes in a close second place. I seriously can’t wait to see how events unfold in the next books.
    Due to reading it on the PC screen for so many hours, my eyes are burning right now but damn if it wasn’t worth it.
    Now I see why your game is so massive in scope. There’s just too much going on in the book’s universe to fit it all in an ordinary and lifeless game’s campaign story like we keep getting them from various game studios lately. Now THAT’S a campaign story I’d love to play through !

  4. Cornflakes_91 October 6, 2015 at 9:58 pm -

    its less about my kobo in special and more like “i dont want amazon to be able to just turn off the book i bought” 😛

    calibre has no functionality for actually buying books, it only has a search function for many ebook sources.

  5. Mak October 7, 2015 at 1:02 pm -

    That’s mega-awesome feedback to hear Cos, and truly (and humbly) appreciated 🙂 I hope your eyes recover!

    @Cornflakes_91 – IO is DRM free (even on Kindle) if that helps, as I appreciate your concern. I’ve looked into Kobo and I’m waiting for them to approve the Kobo ePub edition, so it should be available soon 🙂 Thanks for flagging that platform with me!

    PS. In fact – it’s gone live!

  6. Cornflakes_91 October 7, 2015 at 1:55 pm -

    Heh, then im probably going to wait for the epub version, that works on all readers 😉

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