Live Dominium Model Viewer, at last!

After posting about, I did more digging, and dug up this awesome site…!

Some superb content here – but more awesomely than that – a full on 3D viewer!

This means my intended ‘view our models’ issue (the previous Unity3D ‘fail’) is resolved, it was a total doddle to export into sketchfab (as an .FBX) and then I could tweak various aspects as I wished, even make annotations on the model (which I will do soon). Better yet… I can embed the viewer right… here… 🙂

Enjoy! And please, feel free to ‘Like’ it through the viewer! (there’s a drop down menu at the top…)

Imperial Navy – Heavy Frigate
by Mak Software
on Sketchfab

Imperial Navy – Destroyer
by Mak Software
on Sketchfab


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3 Comments on "Live Dominium Model Viewer, at last!"

  1. Cornflakes_91 August 8, 2015 at 10:18 pm -

    definitely no complaints about the Destroyer 😀

    the lower mounts (annotation 2) on the frigate would probably be a very bad choice for turret style weapons, though.
    as they are blocked for most directions by the structure.

    may limit them to missle/mine/bombardment weaponry?
    as turrets dont make much sense there.
    but VLS pods do.

  2. Mak August 9, 2015 at 4:18 pm -

    Good point on the lower turrets! In my head, I had them pegged for ‘bombardment’ of targets below them (ie. pirate asteroid bases) but, I’ll re-purpose them as ‘generic’ and allow the player to decide how to use them 😉 When I get to weapon placements, I’m intending to provide ‘hints’ that certain weapon pods are hampered by line-of-sight being obscured by the hull. This will make it easier to configure them as you wish, and to best effect.

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