Undocking docking

This past week has been spent chasing down a really weird bug I have with node instancing in the scene for docking.

For a video, I wanted to get vessels to at least align to the docking bay floors correctly, so the nodes in the markup needed orienting correctly, which revealed a bug in my export script – so that was a good find.

But, I’ve now got the weirdest bug in Dom itself, where even though I use the same scene graph and import system as everything else, the docking bay node orientations are going squiffy. Their positions are correct, but the orientation is all wrong – and worse, the matrix multiplication is resulting in some bizarre scaling of the node itself, which should /not/ happen. 🙁

So, now I have to write some unit tests on the matrix & quaternion code to find out what’s going on. Sigh. Still, at least that means I will have more unit tests! (A good thing.)

The scene is ‘alive’ now at least, with vessels coming and going, docking bay lights flickering away. Though I have yet to stop vessels flying directly through the station geometry to get to their docking bay 🙂


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