Well, it’s been an interesting week…

My main site ( got hacked by some (supposedly) Japanese son-of-a-b*tch, who injected 20,000+ files containing total crap relating to Adidas, Nike, and god knows what else products, filling up my web storage space and bringing my entire site to a halt, including email. I doubt they even know my website, it’ll no doubt be some hacking automated script simply spamming the web with useless tosh that earns them money. Ah well.

So, I’ve had to embark on a ‘self-learning’ course of “How to Secure the Supposedly Secure WordPress”*. Hopefully both my main site, and this sub-domain are now a lot more secure than they were before! They have plenty of interest from muppet hackers though – even as I write I’m getting constant emails logging floods of brute-force login attempts from some pillock in the US of A against

Aaaaanyway… you don’t want to hear about my woes! You want to hear about Dom! 🙂

Dom-wise, this week has been about tinkering with the scene instancing solution, with regards to generally tidying up the work done in the previous week, and fixing the Point Light system which now works as intended. I’ve got some more tweaking to do to the Hive station but it’s looking ‘good enough’ for now. I’ve disabled shadows, and been test running a dozen or so NPC ships through the dock/undock/wander about a bit states, and so far so good.

I’ve also had a chat with my old pal PixelDad, about spiffing up the Hive station. Back along – when it was first created – it was a ‘bare bones’ model to get the concept in place, and drive the game engine development. There was no point spending oodles of cash on something if it would end up going nowhere. Now I’m happy with the authoring/tech side, we can spend some time & money to make the station look ‘pretty’ as originally intended. I want one ‘showcase’ asset at least to show off the intended visuals for Dom. He’s going to sketch up some ideas based on our discussion so far, and then we’ll start making a far more detailed station model.

I want to take a look at the vessel orientation issue (so they look sensible as they dock/undock, instead of crazy) and also tidy up the course plotting, which is a bit… off, at the moment.

Then, I will be happy to do a WIP video.


* Ok, this is somewhat of a ‘lie’. WordPress is purportedly ‘secure’ – however the plugins installed to bring awesomeness to the site may not be. Go figure.


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