Docking Complete!

Phew! It’s been a big week for development in Dominium, so bear with me…

Firstly, Insurmountable Odds is now back from it’s guaranteed-honest-guv last proof read. Wendy has spotted more minor errors which I’ll now clean up. I’ve also done some quick research on the various ePub channels though there is still a lot of groundwork to do.

NPC’s are now docking/undocking from the Hive station – I’ve had to make a number of refactors/changes to the code with the instanced Hive scene, as the first pass led to 480 docking waypoints being added which choked the entire scene graph 🙂 Now docking waypoints are only created on demand when someone asks to dock and a reservation is granted. I’ve also had to address the scene setup in the Scene Context Manager, which is responsible for deciding what vessels are present in the scene when you arrive, and how they behave (Trader, Pirate, etc). Now it can configure vessels as already docked in the station, so it looks a bit more realistic. Next on the list is getting new vessels to arrive as time goes by, and also allow existing vessels to leave the scene for stars afar as they go about their business.

The instance station scene has caused an issue with the shadow mapping system – one I knew would happen. I know what to do to solve it, but I’m not 100% sure on how to actually implement the solution, so for now I’ll have to disable shadow mapping on the station to get a video done. I also have to fix up the point light system to work with the instancing – and wire them up to the docking bays (you’ll see what this means when I get it done and shoot a video…).

Also, none of the vessels care about orientation – they just dock/undock at crazy angles – I’ve yet to add docking ‘volumes’ to determine if a vessel can fit, or orient itself to the docking bay so it looks ‘sensible’.

So work done, lots of work! but still plenty more to be done!



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