Docking (almost) Complete

I admit I have derailed myself somewhat from the NPC work of getting them to dock en masse, but trust me it’s worthy and with the best intentions at heart 😉 It’s all aligned to getting back to the NPC’s docking / undocking behaviour.

The past week has seen more than the usual amount of dev effort, as an adjustment of 10 mins to my commute (ie. I get up 10 mins earlier) means I can spend almost an extra half hour working on Dom per day! All of this has gone into implementing/fixing the Scene Instancing system within 666, though sadly (and to my shame) most of that was wasted due to failing to spot one simple line of code in the exporter which broke everything, and took quite a while to figure out.

As mentioned previously – I want to be able to create a single model/module, with markup for docking, lights, collision etc. and then use this as a building block for a much larger and far more complex object. Hive stations (which you can see in the image on this post) are ‘dual 12 geodesic‘ constructs (basically like a leather football) made of twelve pentagons, and (in the current form) twenty hexagons.

Each hexagon represents a docking bay module, and the module is actually one single model, but instanced into the scene twenty times. The docking bay model itself has 6 internal bay walls, each providing a 2×2 arrangement of docking points – giving 24 docking points per bay. So 20 bay instances means the entire station provides 480 docking points! These are allocated in various ways – ie. a long vessel may take 2×1 docking points in a single bay, a small fighter just 1×1. A large freighter may take 2×2, a destroyer may occupy the entire bay – hogging all 24 points! But a busy hive station could conceivably cater to 480 ships, all docked at once.

Now you can see why I want to get this sorted to test the NPC’s out 🙂

All the logic is done to export and setup the station ‘scene’, and then generate all the docking points. I’m now reworking the logic that assigns the nearest docking point when you ask to dock, but there will be further logic (later on) that determines what docking points suffice based on the size of your ship as I mentioned above.

So, next week I should have the docking request logic fixed back up – and then I can hopefully sit back and watch a horde of NPC’s going about their business for the first time… fingers crossed!


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2 Comments on "Docking (almost) Complete"

  1. Cornflakes_91 July 15, 2015 at 11:51 pm -

    related question: can the engine handle 480 fighters fighting against an equal attacker without any part of it brrleaking or grinding to a halt?

    Because 1000 ships are not few, and thats not including all the other stuff thats going on in the world :S

  2. Mak July 18, 2015 at 2:06 pm -

    Hehe – it’s unlikely 😉 Though I do want ‘lots’ of ships (as many as feasible)!

    This type of station is used by the Imperial Navy, though a few will exist ‘in the wild’. Most will have fewer docking points (being smaller stations overall)- i.e. the station is smaller, still has 20 ‘bays’ but only hosts 6 ships per bay. Whilst I’m dev’ing that’s just a question of tweaking the markup, but even 120 docked ships is a lot! But, they don’t all have to be ‘real’ active ships – these limits will be set when I actually get a live scene up and running, and see how it performs.

    Other station types will not be so generous, and only provide a dozen or so bays.

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