Gassing Away…

Another progress ping… I’ve pretty much stopped doing GUI ‘dev’ for the time being, it’s working as I’d hoped (barring a few minor issues) and it’s now a solid framework to build the rest of the game’s GUI on moving forward, so I’m in a happy place! I’ve had no time to do an update video – but I promise one is on the cards.

As a pleasant distraction from the world of GUI, I have turned my sights onto Nebulas, and general gas cloud rendering, as I want some nice stellar scale scenery to fly through as I navigate my way across the Cluster. I’ve been champing at the bit to have a crack at this for a long time! Progress is going well, and it’s led me to finally start considering some articles on the general development of Dominium so far. I’ve already started one for Maggy, and I’ve now created stub pages for the following planned articles which touch on some of the things I’ve pontificated about since the original Kickstarter;

  • Debris Fields
  • Derelicts
  • Economics
  • Generating Dominium (the Galactic Cluster)
  • GUI
  • Lens ‘Glares’
  • Maggy – Planets & Stars
  • Navigation
  • Nebulas & Gas Clouds
  • Planetary Rings
  • Procedurally Generated Levels
  • Scene System
  • Shadow Mapping
  • Special FX

I’ll flesh these out as I go along – as and when time/inclination permits. Each one will gather up the research I did, the tips and tricks from others who have trod the same paths, and also any learnings/refinements I made on the way so everyone can take a look at the innards, so to speak 🙂 Some of the things I’ve had to delve into aren’t so readily available on the net, so I’ll happily collate them into one spot as pay-it-forward for those of us who share freely and willingly. I’ve encountered some really generous people on this journey.

I’ll no doubt add more articles as I think of them, but should anyone have something specific they’d like to know more about, slap a comment in on this post and I’ll see what I can do – though no promises made! I’m sure you all appreciate the (lack of) dev time I get to spend on this beast 🙂


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