Mini Update : GUI, GUI, Gooey…

I’m afraid the dullness of the updates continues as I get immersed in the mire of GUI… I’ve worked on many GUI’s in the past, and that experience told me that two rules apply to GUI design/development…

1) you will rarely ever make the ‘perfect’ GUI

2) you can easily get lost in the morass of user interactions, animations, timing, enable/disable states, easy theming, easy customisation and so on.

It is possible to do the perfect GUI of course – it just takes time and skill. Modesty aside, I just don’t have the time! 😀

Anyhow, I now have a button (woo-hoo!) and can knock up toolbars with ease – keeping as much as possible customisable via XML files. I can see some challenges ahead with the current solution – such as theming the entire GUI (as every UI ‘window’ has it’s own XML file) but that’s a problem for a later time, should I decide to go with theming. If I only end up with 8 windows, theming is little help and not worth the dev effort of supporting it. If I end up with 38… well, that’s a different story.


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