Mini-post : Navigation WIP

Just a quick update to keep the cog’s whirring…

I’ve continued working on the auto-pilot/navigation/scene management this week, chipping away at the iceberg that is neatly analogous to the systems I’m working with. One third of it ‘visible’ to the player, the other two thirds lurking under the surface and hidden away from sight.

I’ve made great headway, and now can plot a course across the galaxy that neatly exits the current system, and the hops from star to star, entering and leaving each star system until it gets to your chosen destination.

Dealing with the scene pagination was the greatest headache – how to make it work generally, but also deal with a nice special case that arose. It’s a general system, which handles SceneObjects. Everything in Dom is a SceneObject. But because there are four scenes (Galactic, Stellar, Planetary, Local – for now) every single SceneObject has to represent itself in every scene, paging itself in/out depending on whether it should be visible in that scene, or not. Something is visible in a scene if there is something to observe it already in that scene (i.e. you).

This all works a treat, but, there’s a but. Your vessel is also a SceneObject, and it only pages itself into a scene if it would be visible in the scene, and if you aren’t in a scene, you can’t fly into it, if you can’t fly into it, you won’t enter the scene, which means you won’t be visible in it… I hope you’re getting the sense of ‘fun’ here… infinite fun. Nearly 😀 This chicken vs egg scenario meant when the auto-pilot flew across the galaxy to the next star, the next star refused to page in, because there was no vessel in the stellar scene to observe the star, because there was no stellar scene the vessel couldn’t page in to allow the star to be observed…

Anyway, one special case later, and sorted.

An undesirable graphical feature of the galactic star field, and a bug with the scene orientation management means I’m not prepared to grab a video of the auto-pilot flying across the galaxy, but I’m working on it and hopefully I’ll soon be able to show the full system in action from start to finish.



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2 Comments on "Mini-post : Navigation WIP"

  1. Cornflakes_91 February 14, 2015 at 12:55 am -

    “I’m not prepared to grab a video of the auto-pilot flying across the galaxy”

    aaaaaw…. 🙁

    your tech is still awesome!
    i want to see it!
    want to TRY it!

    *eagerly waiting*

  2. Mak February 14, 2015 at 7:25 pm -

    Your patience will be rewarded… at least so I hope 😉 and I thank you for the faith and enthusiasm!

    ATM there are flickers and jumps which – if I put up a video – people tend to assume relates to ‘crap-ness’ instead of ‘work-in-progress’. Besides – these flicks and jumps break the visual aspect of ‘seamless’ space flight that I’m striving for, and there’s a lack of eye candy, blah blah blah.

    I want to get the ‘system’ to be near final, so I can move on. A few more tweaks…

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