Pre-Alpha Roadmap Released

For better or for worse, I’ve put up my intended plan for an early alpha. This is subject to being largely untrue! But, hopefully it will show things are moving along, with luck!

It’s available from the site menu “Roadmap”, and there’s a widget on the right with the overall progress shown. But, you can take a peek from here 🙂

I’ve also created one for Insurmountable Odds, for those interested.

Sadly the plugin I’m using doesn’t adopt the site theme, and there’s no way I can find to put in a “link back” to the main site, but it will do for now.

And, in a planning/organisation-fest of epic proportion, I have now also finally created a public Trello board for the “I Wants” that are driving the game Alpha at the moment!

Check it out here!

Please also note – if you have a Trello account (and why not get one? It’s free, awesome and great for an on-line todo list!) you can also vote up on things you would like to see, helping me prioritise the “I Want”… at the moment the ToDo is sorted as I plan to tackle it (top down in order). But you can help by letting me know what you rate! I’ll be fleshing out each card as time goes on.

I’m also open to new “I Want” demands… no promises of course, but I’ll view them all fairly and blog post them to discuss if need be.

For those unfamiliar with this kind of thing, it’s basically a really easy / approachable way of creating a “To do” and organising them into lists. For development purposes, an item goes from To Do, Doing, Done. It may go to Blocked if something prevents it being finished, or Parked if it’s on hold for the moment. You can click on a “ticket” and see more details on it, any comments I’ve made regarding it.

I’ve got two “To Do” lists here, one is the Pre Alpha (Phase 1), which is the only list being picked up at the moment. The other is for Alpha(Phase 2) – showing what the final “I Wants” currently are like for the next phase of development. Feel free to vote on any of these!

When Pre Alpha (Phase 1) is empty and all cards from it are “Done” – then it’s time to move to Alpha(Phase 2)!



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