Another ping…

My brain is fritzed by the vis-testing fiasco I’m experiencing with Maggy. I’ve spent a week straight doing ‘what it should’ and almost getting it right, then some patch disappears under my camera’s virtual nose when it shouldn’t, and I start venting.

I need to sort out the visible patches on the planet surface so I can ramp up the geometry being sent to the GPU and increase the level of detail / noise variety and so on. So this is crucial ‘optimisation’ that needs to be done sooner, rather than later. I’ve increased the performance quite a bit already, but with patches still disappearing, and also being rendered ‘out of view’ there’s still work to be done. Sadly.

I may take the rest of the week on a ‘brain break’ and go back to the little retro-arcade game I started a while back as a distraction.

Speaking of ‘week’ – I thought I’d shed some insight into my ‘working week’ when doing development work on Dom. I work full time (as we all do), but doing iOS Development as a studio for hire / contractor.

I’m ‘fortunate’ – in that my daily commute is train bound – so instead of driving I get to be able to work on my own projects for a set time every day.

06:30 – wake up!

07:00 – drive to station

07:30 – catch train to London, spend next 50 minutes working on Dom

08:20 – catch underground and go to day job!

12:30 – scrounge lunch

13:00 – spend half an hour (if lucky) on Dom, or siphoning the web while I have it for Dom research / reference

13:30 – back to day job!

17:00 – hometime! back on the underground…

17:40 – catch train home, next 50 mins on Dom! whilst eating ‘tea’… so not really 50 mins… more like 40… crumbs et al

18:30 – drive home from station.

Of course, not every day goes as well! But, that gives me about 1 hour, 50 mins ‘a day’ to work on Dominium. So over 5 days a week, that gives me 9 hours (just over) of fractured, fragmented, though hopefully highly focused (hopefully!) dev time.

It’s rarely that much though – I’d wager probably about 5 to 6 hours in total. I stared work on Maggy at the beginning of September, so I can roughly figure about 24 hours of dev time has been spent on it – 3.2 man days.

Most of which has been blown on the darn vis testing! 🙁

Ah well – I’m pretty chuffed with the progress in such a ‘short time’. Maggy is working out almost exactly as I’d hoped/planned/expected/wanted, so I can’t grumble, even if I might want to 😉



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