Shadow Rings

A mini-update this week I’m afraid…

I returned to integrating Shadow Mapping, and finally resolved a couple of the ‘daft’ issues I was seeing. I can now render the Planetary scene into a shadow map and cast shadows onto the planet from it’s ring system. But, there’s a but… the quality is – frankly – poor. I’m not happy with it at all – despite using a 2048×2048 shadow map, the quality in scene is dire. So, I need to do some digging about.

For those interested in the techie side – the plans I came up with for implementing shadow mapping in Dom are already known (surprise) and are detailed here much better than I have time to do! I also figured out how to apply shadows at various levels of details – and it turns out that’s called ‘Cascade Shadow Mapping‘. So, at least someone else who can do it better has been here before, and kind enough to put up ‘lessons learned’ 🙂

But, it paves the way for the local scene (ship to ship/station) shadow mapping at least!

Book wise, I’ve moved onto chapter 5 now in the ‘pre-proof’ revision. So far I’m making minor edits and blazing ahead – but it’s still scary how many tiny and repetitive flaws make there way past even 20 very careful ‘self reads’! I’m glad to have some help at last 🙂

In other news – the tiny “other game project” is progressing well, it’s such a simple idea that even 10 minutes coding has a major impact on it, and it’s shaping up really well. I’ve got someone else lending a hand on this one, so it may actually get completed this year… 😀



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