Celestial Genesis

Well, partly 🙂

I’ve jumped back in ‘dev-time’ a few weeks, to sort out the work I left dangling on the Celestial Body renderer.

I was a bit wary of mucking about with the existing ‘satellite’ rendering code – as it was working nicely, and I knew any refactor work would break it good and hard for a while. So, I’ve now broken it good and hard for a while!

A much needed asset tidyup has taken place, as I had a lot of ‘development test’ assets sprinkled around, in various formats which I’d never bothered to tidy up as the long term plans for planets et al is to procedurally generate the majority of them, and allow for ‘hand crafted’ ones to over-ride them. So I didn’t want to go to any lengths for a ‘mid-term’ solution. But, here I am… no where close to the procedural approach, but needing that mid-term solution to tide Dom over.

Most of the placeholder assets for planet surfaces & cloud layers were all named after their source (‘Earth’, ‘Jupiter’ et al) and that makes run-time selection a right pain of mapping id’s from the GDB (Galactic Database) to a ‘named texture’. So, I’ve renamed everything to be number based and categorised appropriately into the types of texture maps needed (diffuse for colour, normal for – well, normal mapping, and effects for the combined specular and emissive channels). Now it’s all working very nicely, and I can produce any one of the currently supported kinds of ‘planet’ from stock textures.

For those interested, that’s gas giant, ice world, desert world, lava/primordial, rock/barren, terra class. More to come, and more cross-over variants as well – but only when the procedural approach finally gets implemented.

As of now – I have to fix up some issues which have crept in with normal mapping, then refactor the current planetoid rendering to use the new code path and test drive it in the game scenes, as well as through the GUI map system. Then I’ll do a montage of some of the planets in all their current glory.





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