Hi folks,

not a lot to report this week – at least visually. I’ve made some headway into the shadow integration into Dom – hitting some very odd and unusual bugs in the process which aren’t fully rectified as yet. I want to integrate it fully – so satellites and ring systems cast shadows onto planets, planets cast shadows onto ring systems and satellites, ships on to stations, and so on. The scene management algorithms for this are going to be very interesting indeed!

I’ve also replaced the GL_POINT rendering for stars in the galactic backdrop with billboarded particles so it looks a tad prettier. I’ve also had made the very first navigated g-drive journey across the Cluster courtesy of the NavCom route finder – and ’twas awesome 🙂 but, not quite ready to show yet for my liking until the other visuals get sorted. It has thrown up something I’d overlooked as well, so I want to get that done before moving on.

In Other News ; Chapter 1 of Insurmountable Odds has been proofed – once I review the critique and update it, it will get parked for final proof once all the other chapters are done. Chapter 2 has been sent for proofing already!




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