Galactic Map UI – WIP

Finally, I’ve been able to capture video with FRAPS. No idea how, it just ‘”worked” so I grabbed a quick sequence of the Galaxy Map to show it’s current state of play whilst I could!

I was rushed I’m afraid, so the narration is crap quality, and I missed several points which I’ll summarise here for those interested šŸ™‚

Planetary orbital trails – at the moment these show the travel of a planet overĀ one standard Earth year, so as you can see many of the one’s shown have very long orbits! They also do not obey Keplers Laws – that’s yet to be done.

Filtering – the filter I kept applying was “Show all Stars with Planets that have Stations” – which is going to get used a lot in-game šŸ˜‰ There are many others available, “life supporting”, “inhabited”, “unexplored”, and no doubt many more to come. I’m still intending to put in a user definable filter system as well. After all – I’m just running some simple SQL searches myself!

Visuals – at present, it’s a bit ropey as the planet/star renderer as I’m overhauling the celestial body rendering to allow it to work both in game and in the map system. The rendering of celestial bodies will be “realistic” – meaning “as they are in-game” – beingĀ simulated correctly by your HUD when data is available. If no data is vailable (because no-one has explored there yet) then they’ll be blanked out, and marked as “awaiting data”. Easy money for the explorers out there!

The ‘feel’ of it is sitting pretty well atm – although I’ve yet to put this into someone else’s hands and see if they struggle!

If I can sort out the route-planning algorithm, then I can get the NavCom visualisation plugged in and things will start clicking into place. Hopefully soon!


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