… Pong – Book One on the way. Finally.

Not much Dom related this blog – other than to say the final, finalmost, nearly penultimately final redraft of Book One – Insurmountable Odds – is complete. I’m now wrapping up ‘meta-book’ stuff, so re-establishing the timeline (which is a challenge against a plot spanning 25 millenia!), making things consistent, cross-referencing everything, etc.

The plot is done, the cover is done, and most importantly the spell-checking is done 😉

Another final narrative pass to beef up character and scene descriptions, and then I’m done. Phew!

At the moment the plan is to e-publish on Amazon, iBooks and Google Play Books – and anything else I think makes a viable platform. I’m still torn over the ‘DRM’ issue. I personally hate it. But, the aim is to try and raise funds for developing Dominium the game. So making it easy to slap a DRM-free copy somewhere that means no revenue doesn’t appeal… but I know everyone else hates it… 🙁

In the meantime, here’s a little excerpt from some ship-to-ship action later in the book as the INSS Resolute Choice rescues the private trader Quillisyr from certain doom… enjoy!


Fireballs and clouds of metal shrapnel scintillated in the dim sunlight as they sprang into existence with frightening and ever increasing frequency behind them – but still getting ever closer by the second.

“They’re almost on us…” said Reen, now powerless to affect the outcome of whatever was going to happen next.

There was a blazing flash on every side of the Quillisyr – then everything went crazy.

Four Automated Defence Platform’s suddenly appeared around them and began blasting away at the approaching drones, all at once. Forty maser beams per second stabbed into the swarm, and a plethora of missiles leapt out toward it.

The chaos behind them was immense. Every maser fire resulted in an explosion, every missile destroyed several drones around it as it detonated.

“Where did they come from?” demanded Reen in amazement – they were common for defence perimeters, especially around space stations and naval bases but she had never seen the Navy deploy them like this.

Kryse was lost amidst the frenzy – unable to find a target quick enough to shoot at before it exploded.

 Allow me? said Lieutenant Peters.

Kryse relinquished control of the maser, and the Resolute Choice took over, slaving the fire control to its own as it co-ordinated with the ADP’s.

“Good grief,” murmured Kryse – impressed despite himself.

Over the next forty odd seconds it seemed that the entire swarm just vaporised before their eyes. As the Quillisyr slowly pulled ahead, the entire aft view became a glowing firework display.

Within a minute – the entire swarm behind them was merely a sparkling field of metallic debris.



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