Continuous Integration…

so wanted to title this ‘Continuous Irritation’, or ‘Continuous Aggravation’… but felt that slightly too negative, even for me 🙂

Firstly – clearly I am insane, and am continuing Dom Dev in some form! Despite the greatness of the other projects out there, the feasibility of actually ever finishing Dom… I press on…

Secondly – no Dom Dev. Or rather, nothing consequential other than resolving the HD5000 graphics issue, hurrah! Even though it’s a hack – Boooo!

Continuing from the last Blog – with that workaround in place I encountered an issue with the uber-shader I’m using (and all the other shaders) purely due to the HD5000 GLSL compiler throwing a hissy fit and refusing to compile the shaders – whereas the ATI/nVidia compilers don’t seem to mind. So – a good thing! and now I’ve resolved the issue (it was a real simple one). I can finally see Dom’s ships and stations in all their glory on Windows 7 on the HD5000.

Mac OSX is another thing… everything is still salmon-pink. I’ve no idea why… so far I’ve tracked it down to the textures all being ‘white’ – nothing is loading properly, which is a puzzler – as no errors are reported anywhere. Obviously something is amiss… no doubt with the PNG decoder I am using.

But, now I’m multi-platforming(-ish) I’ve finally setup Jenkins to perform Continuous Integration. What is this you ask? Well, every time I check something into my Source Control system (Perforce), Jenkins picks up the code, and then builds it – and any related projects I tell it to, to check that they all build without errors.

I have Jenkins on OSX, and Jenkins on a Windows VirtualBox VM – both building several projects whenever I make a change.

Sadly, Visual Studio’s MSBuild system is a royal (dumb) mess – and I’ve spent ages trying to work around it, which has left me with either a) Windows Jenkins rendered useless or b) Changing every single project to cater for MSBuild ‘lameness’.


My penultimate-almost-nearly-the-last-honest polishing of Book One is complete. I’ve now ePub’d it for a proof read (again). I’ll make another set of revisions and then will force myself to call it a day and publish it. So – very nearly – watch this space…


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2 Comments on "Continuous Integration…"

  1. Tom April 1, 2014 at 6:09 pm -

    Thanks for the interesting blog, I’ve only had to use Jenkins on a CentOS server for building projects that aren’t platform dependent (Java, Scala etc) so really interesting to hear how it plays (or doesn’t play…) when you need to build your code for specific platforms.

  2. Mak April 1, 2014 at 7:26 pm -

    Cheers Tom 🙂 It’s up and running now – though I have an issue specific to my setup to resolve on Windows. My VS2010 solutions run post-build steps to checkout binaries from Perforce and then copy the build output over them. For some reason this is throwing Jenkins a curve-ball. Normally you can prevent post-build actions on the command line with MSBuild – but so far no joy! Ah well 🙂 I’ve used Jenkins a lot in the past on many games projects, it’s proven it’s worth time and again in my books…

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