The Tribble with Troubles…

Ah, what a week (or so)… my back is still knackered ūüôĀ consequently I can’t get back into the ‘run’ of things Dom-dev-wise due to the constant pain. My main dev-pc has ‘died’ with an SSD failure (only discovered after months of running checkdisk every launch, suspecting malware/virus and re-installing Windows7 twice, and resorting to Windows8 out of desperation). Plus Age of Ascent pops onto Kickstarter and will (quite rightly) get funded, delivering everything I want Dom to be… sigh.

Well, nearly everything ūüėČ Besides, I’m frankly sceptical (but optimistically hopeful!) on the “16,000 vessels” being real players…

To add insult to (literally) injury – that ‘bug’ I reported against the Intel HD5000 driver – the one that had never appeared in 6 months of development on my ATI or nVidia based system? It appeared on my ATI based system 1 day after making that blog post… go figure!

Fortunately some kind soul (not from Intel) responded to my bug on the Intel forum. It’s actually down to a glitch in the OpenGL spec – to do with the vertex attribute array being ‘aliased’ to index zero on some drivers. So, it¬†is a bug with the Intel HD5000 driver, but one that can seemingly arise anywhere on any graphics card. I’ve addressed it now so the HD5000 uses a different index for tangents, allowing it to render the geometry correctly – but it’s a crappy ‘vendor specific’ fix.

But, now I find the ‘uber-shader’ I have (which again works fine on ATI and nVidia) won’t even compile on the HD5000. Arg!

So – angst ridden questions over the future of Dom arise – given Ao’A – do I bother? It’ll be ages yet before anything tangible comes from the work I’m doing on Dom. Where I¬†might have been at the front of the pack feature and fun wise (even as a lowly small time Indie), now I’m not even¬†in the pack…

And then there’s the potential¬†awesomeness that is Elite Dangerous… the Coriolis Station (Port Zelada) in Alpha 3.0 is just – frankly – awesome to behold. My hat is off to the artists there!

So – right now I’m afraid it’s a bout of wallowing in self-pity and whinge, whinge, whinge

But… then I think of walking around my vessel as it flies between star systems, or wandering around a space station, or climbing out of my ship onto a mountain top on a deserted planet and watching the sunset with a planetary ring system glowing in the night sky…


Closing with some¬†good news… Book 1 – Insurmountable Odds – is nearing completion for it’s a ‘last polish up’ before I throw it at Google Play/iBooks/Kindle and see what happens…


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