Tiny Update

Just a weeny update with some screenshots I just posted – click here.

I’ve sourced another great model which I’m planning to be your ‘default’ ship when choosing to start the game as a ‘Jack of All Trades’. It’s modular and can be upgraded with various add-ons as you progress (if you choose to keep the ship!). It’s shown fully kitted out in these screenshots – four engine pods, atmospheric stabilisers, exploration and mining equipment, and of course a full compliment of weaponry 🙂

It also shows a little of the new Autopilot in action – as the NPC Corvette in two of the shots smoothly follows the white trail along some waypoints in order to dock, along with the new ‘velocity trail’ markers which now finally give some sense of movement through space as you fly around. The trails shown are actually the test ones for interstellar travel – showing chromatic dispersion due to doppler as you travel FTL

I think I need to polish some of the visual effects up though – the screenshots are marred by some visual glitches which ruin the overall sense of ‘progress being made’. Normally I’d do visual polish at the end of a project – once the works done. It saves having to keep redoing visual polish as things change. But, as this is a slow burner – I think there’s no other choice. I want it to look ‘good’ throughout it’s development!

In other (good!) news – Ysaneya’s Infinity (The Quest For Earth) is set to disembark from the parking orbit it’s been in for a while – hurrah! Ysaneya’s blogs on Gamedev of oh so long ago – and the genius work he showcased there – are one of the inspiring forces behind my deciding to try and produce Dominium at long last – so check them out here, I wish them luck with their Kickstarter in the New Year – I’ll be backing them for sure!


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