A Merry Christmas Post

Just a quick entry to wish the hardy souls reading this blog and the (early) Newsletter a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

I intend to take things quietly over the next two weeks in order to eat far too much food, and so say all of us. I’ll tinker with Dominium in between meals no doubt 😉

On the dev front, I’ve hooked up the new spline driven auto-pilot to the NPC’s, and I’m now re-integrating it with the scene management as I hook it up to the player’s vessel so you can seamlessly fly about the galaxy. As an off-shoot, I’ve put some ‘space stuff’ in to act as velocity indicators as you move around. So far there has only been a (buggy) point based system – which hasn’t really been working – now there is a nice particle/streak system which looks a lot better. OTT, but better 😉 This will have differing effects based on the drive system in use (ie. FTL/gDrive will have rainbow-tinged streaks as light doppler-shifts, etc.).

Hopefully I will get to throw a few days of solid full-time dev into it over the Xmas break and polish this off in one fell swoop so I can get back to the NPC behaviours.

In the meantime, have a pleasant Yuletide all!


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