Grunt work, Part 1…

Now I’m building a ‘consistent’ universe for the NPC’s to play in (as well as you), I’ve finally (grudgingly) turned my attention to ensuring all the various vessel models have a consistent scale against each other.

To date – aside from the superb models provided by Sol, and a couple from PixelDad, all of the existing 91 space-faring vessels have come from free downloads, or cheap-o purchases from TurboSquid – and a set of capital class ships from 3DRT.

Obviously – most of them have not been authored with Dominium in mind, or to any consistent scale. They also don’t have any markup for Dominium to work off. No mount points, no collision volumes, no special effects, etc. and their materials will need altering for the 666 engine to pick up.

So someone has to go through them all and scale them, and add markup. And materials.

Sigh 🙂

It’s taken a full working day so far, and I’ve only ‘scaled’ most of the vessels to all be relative to a ‘human being’ of modest dimensions. I’ve had to go into every single DCG file, create a box of 0.5m x 0.5m x 1.83m to represent ‘Joe Pilot’ – and then scale the vessel to something which looks suitable in comparison to Joe, ie. something large enough for him to sit in, or stand in and look out of a window in the vessel.

Still – it’s worth the effort. No longer do fighters spawn next to destroyers and dwarf them. Small shuttles could actually dock inside freighters now, instead of the other way around!

I may discard the rest of the vessels – as most don’t have textures, and probably won’t for a very long time (if at all). Ninety odd is enough to be going on with 🙂 Next, I have to scale all the stations (24 at the moment), various artefacts, relics and debris against ‘Joe’ – then everything will at least look like it’s supposed to.

Then I have to go through them all again, and add the markup they need to truly become part of the Dominium game universe…


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