Something or nothing…

Another ‘grey’ update – I’ve spent the last week (one working day spread over 5 days) creating ‘scene contexts’.

The game universe has to be populated with a believable, generated ‘scene’ whenever you drop back into local space. So reaching a space station would have fighters, freighters and so on all moving about, docking, undocking and so on.

Dropping into local space in between star systems would mean ‘deep space’ and not much to do.

Then there is the ‘grey’ in between – you may drop into deep space along a trade route, and find pirates – or a freighter in distress. You might drop into what should be a busy space station in a fringe system and find it deserted, and then it gets attacked by raiders.

I’ve nearly got the core ‘context’ system working – it can populate a scene around a space station based on it’s role (ie. Naval, Police, Trade, Processing, Manufacturing, etc) with ships which you would expect to find around such a station.

Once locked down, it becomes a matter of establishing all the ‘rules’ which populate a context and the variation therein.

After that is behaviours for these ships – mining ships unloading cargo, damaged ships being repaired, police chasing down pirates – or you.

That will then make Dom start to become something ‘believable’ when you roam around space.



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