This little Commodity went to Market…

In the (surprisingly) consistent 2nd weekly progress update, I have spent the past week tinkering with the basic economy model I mentioned a while back.

Ah, trading.

Something so simple. Something so basic. Yet, strangely addictive… I’ve wired up the Trading UI panel to allow me to buy and sell cargo when docked at a space station. And boy, is it hard for me to stop jumping between star systems and trying to make profit! In the screenshot I’ve just made a fat profit from my initial meagre 1200 credits!

At present this is only a basic mechanic at work – there are only 10 commodities to trade, and only a handful of star systems at present – each with the same “economy” spread across all it’s planets and stations. Yet it feels like a milestone for gameplay. For the first time I can choose my target star system, and decide what to trade in. There’s little to show off though – hence the lack of video! I want it looking far more substantial before I do that 🙂

Whilst the current ‘system’ would do for a ‘playable pre-alpha’ – the final model will have far, far more commodities, legal/illegal goods, black markets, and the itself economy will change even between stations in the same planetary system as supply and demand alter the balance. Some stations will be a tad more “relaxed” about certain goods than others… and that’s not even taking the ‘black’ stations into account who are off the grid and don’t care two hoots what you buy or sell!

Then there are docking fees, haulage fees, taxation… then there are freeports where there are no taxes… you’ll have a little more than just “what makes the most profit” to worry about when it comes to the full on trading model!

But – wait! I hear you cry… I don’t want real life! I have enough of that in the day job!

If all you want to worry about is “what makes the most profit”… then you can turn off all the horribly realistic economic stuff like docking fees, haulage fees, taxation when you start a new game. I’m that kind of guy! 😉





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