Galaxy Mapping

I thought I’d try and do a ‘Weekly Update’ post as I seem to be getting into a swing of development at the moment. This may only last a week – so don’t get too excited 🙂

Since the UI, UI post – I’ve been chipping away at a short list of things needed for a “Minimum Viable Playable” for Dominium.

One of these things is ‘Navigation’ – and after tinkering with the Galaxy Map in the UI – I’ve spent this week getting it working. It’s now doing enough to let me move about the galaxy, and pick a star, then zoom into the star system and pick a planet. It can set waypoints for stars or planets, and even fire up the Autopilot to take me directly there.

It shows trade routes between systems, and can also filter the galaxy by inhabited, uninhabited systems, systems with or without planets – and also ‘Unknown’ systems. The goal eventually is to let you configure your own filtered view of the galaxy to explore at your leisure.

It’s working – but far from perfect atm (hence the lack of video 😉 ) – but just putting this in has instilled a large degree of substance into the game. No more hacks to get about the galaxy, no more special key presses (there are plenty atm!), and I can command my vessel from the UI at long last!

I’m tackling ‘Trade’ next – I have a rudimentary galactic economy in place already – and now I have some UI, I can look into buying/selling goods as you move about the galaxy.

‘citin! 😀



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