No news, news.

Good evening, the news today is – there is no news.

More or less 🙂

The “day job” has soaked up all possible time and energy of late, and my work on the UI has led to a couple of dead ends. I have achieved the effect I want, but – some of the things I want it to do “fluidly” ended up being more complex and unmanageable than I hoped. So – I need to do a fundamental change to the way the UI components hang together in 3D space to get the effect I’m after. So I need to start again.

It won’t take long as the UI itself is “there” – I just need to alter how it’s displayed.

It’ll be worth the wait 🙂 The proof-of-concept looks great as it is, especially as you drag all the items around and configure the HUD layout as you want it.

Hopefully more interesting news soon!


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