2nd Kickstarter now over – and that’s a wrap. For now.

First, a huge thank you to everyone who backed Dominion (the 1st pitch) and another for backing Dominium on the 2nd pitch – and an even huger thank you to those who backed both!

Without sounding bitter – or conceited! – we think it failed to gain any momentum purely due to a lack of exposure – despite our best efforts, and the valiant efforts of some of our supporters. Certainly the 2nd time around we think the pitch looked great, the game concept looked great, everyone we showed it to thought it looked great, you guys thought it looked great… we just couldn’t get enough people through the door as it were.

We tried our best, approaching everyone and everything with our pitch – but none showed any interest (or even replied) – so we think we fell foul of “too many space games saturating the market”. Which is a shame, because we don’t think it’s true! There are plenty of FPS shooters saturating that market – and they don’t seem to be doing that bad 🙂

Anyway – we’re introducing a newsletter so if you are interested you can keep up to date with Dom as we try to bring it to life. I’ll be publishing the first edition next week sometime to give people a chance to sign up – and I hope you will subscribe! (see the top of the right hand section)!

As I’ve said many times in the past in various places – I’m not letting this stop here, we’ve done too much work on it (you have no idea how much infrastructure code is in there that you can’t/haven’t seen) and besides – I just can’t bring myself to “let go”! 😀

PS. The featured image is my current desktop background – one of the most relaxing and serene in-game scenes I think I have ever witnessed, from the awesome Bioshock Infinite in one of the closing end-of-game scenes. Watching the clouds drift by in the game was beautiful – someone excelled there 🙂


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