Mak Studios Publically Acknowledges a Potential Trademark Infringement Against “Dominion”

It’s a sad truth – but it seems we’ve unwittingly fallen foul of the Trademark and Patents legislation.

“Dominion” is in use by Rio Grande Games for their card game and is apparently a pending trademark in the Video Games category.

As a consequence – they have (through their lawyers) requested us to cease and desist from using their pending trademark for our product.

Naturally at this point, this may mean having to cancel the pitch on Kickstarter. I have emailed them asking if I can rename the pitch and preserve the current campaign status and backers, I am awaiting their response. If I have to cancel I will immediately repitch with new branding. I’m not going away with this 🙂

I have contacted RGG’s attorney to clarify a few points – and to see if we can arrange something mutually acceptable to allow the current pitch to complete before renaming. Subject to that I will rename Dominion to something else, moving the sub-domain, and altering all the satellite sites we’ve used as best I can.

I would point out that RGG and their attorney have been very helpful and polite, they are just protecting what is legally theirs – as we would if the situation were reversed. Branding is very important to any product. No “legal” action has been threatened, they are just asking us to respect their Trademark, which we of course do.

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to assure all our backers and followers of “Dominion” (meaning our product 🙂 ) that I do not see this as the death of the game – it’s just a name change after all… the soul of Dominion, the design and the game will remain the same!

I’ll just have to do a bit more digging on the next name choice… 🙂

The campaign will continue as is – but will no doubt change in some form early this week coming. Updates to follow as this gets resolved!

Thank you for your understanding – I hope this doesn’t affect your generous contribution!

PS. If anyone has any cool suggestions for a new franchise name – now’s a great time to get them in 😉


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