Project Status For: , Dominium Playable Pre-Alpha

Project Description

A very early playable, with the minimum viable product features to allow the game to be ‘played’ in a basic form. The goal is to get something that could be put onto Steam Early Access and start trying to drive some funding / awareness.

The aims of this pre-alpha are ;

  1. Allow the player to explore the Dominium Cluster
  2. Allow the player to trade, and purchase basic equipment / ships / weapons.
  3. Provide basic combat, and NPC’s to interact with.
  4. Identify and address compatibility issues across Windows / Mac / Linux machines.

Any ‘progress’ players make in the pre-alpha must be considered volatile, and will be lost when the Alpha is released.


A Trello board of the high level goals is available here.

Project Timing

  • Start Date: 03-09-2012
  • Predicted End: 12-31-2016

Current Tasks

NPC Behaviours,

Current Holds

Project Overview and Overall Progress

20% 20% Game Universe

Generating the stars, planets, moons and satellites for the player to explore.

40% 40% UI, Visuals

The graphical user interface, and rendering pipeline

60% 60% Passive Gameplay

Trading, exploration, everything that doesn't require combat.

80% 80% Aggressive Gameplay

Combat, weapons, destruction. Characters to interact with, and if need be shoot at!

Project Discussion

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